Welcome to Cloverland

We’re here to inspire the sensation of feeling cozy, comfortable, and unabashedly yourself within your home space, wherever that may be.

Thoughtfully and responsibly made to celebrate the homebody way of life.

01 Dreamer and creator.

From our founder:

"I have spent the past twenty-something years building my career within the corporate space. I learned. I absorbed. I listened. I grew. But it wasn't enough.

I longed to be a creator. I wanted to make my mark on the world in an impactful way. From this dream, Cloverland was born."

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02 Behind the name.

Selecting the brand name was a full labor of love. After many hours researching and brainstorming ideas, "At Last" we had our name.

When we hear Etta James sing about being ‘wrapped in clovers’, a turn of phrase that described an absolute state of happiness, prosperity, and wellbeing, we know THAT is exactly what Cloverland is all about.

03 Vision and purpose.

We do more than just make really pretty candles. We believe that all people deserve a place to call home.

That’s why we donate at least 1% of revenues to help individuals and families in underserved communities build financial freedom and a path to homeownership. Every purchase counts. Every purchase helps.

04 Bicoastal operations.

Designed on the East Coast, poured on the West Coast. We are a small, woman-owned business based out of Boston, but we leave our candle pouring to the pros.

All Cloverland products are expertly poured on the West Coast in accordance with the guidelines and standards of the National Candle Association.

05 Friend to the Earth.

We are committed to using recycled or sustainable materials whenever possible, minimizing unnecessary packaging & waste, and encouraging recycling and upcycling.

We are far from perfect, but pledge to continually look for new ways to improve and learn. Consider following us on Instagram for upcycling tips!